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5 Best Microwave Utensils in India

Microwaves ovens are amazing devices. It shortens the process of cooking and does not demand you to monitor it while it is doing its work. You probably have an oven in your kitchen right now or planning to buy one shortly, which is why your quest for the best microwave utensils has brought you here.Microwaves ovens are amazing devices. It shortens the process of cooking and does not demand you to monitor it while it is doing its work. You probably have an oven in your kitchen right now or planning to buy one shortly, which is why your quest for the best microwave utensils has brought you here.

Microwave ovens are not like regular stoves or inductions. And so, they are compatible with only specific types of utensils. If you use the wrong type of containers in an oven, chances are, you will have to spend a lot of time or money or both on the microwave in the next couple of hours. The wrong utensil can melt, break, and cause the microwave plate to crack or damage the machine. So, you must be careful while buying microwave-safe utensils.
The exterior of a good microwave utensil should not get heated quickly, and it should have a good degree of temperature resistance. It should be made of quality material so that no chemical leaches into the food and must be breakage resistant or unbreakable.

Also, a good quality microwave utensil never influences the taste or smell of the food in it. You might as well take features like a durable and airtight lid, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe into consideration while making the purchase.
Some utensils are safe for the microwave but aren’t safe for baking; others have limited temperature resistance. It can be a tedious process to find the perfect set of bowls for your microwave. So, we are here to guide you through the process and help you pick the right type of microwave-safe utensils.

In this article, we will cover the best 5 microwave utensils that are available in the Indian market. Our “buying guide” will give you a comprehensive idea regarding the factors you must take into account while buying a set of microwave bowl. Let us have a quick look at the various microwave utensils and their features.Best Microwave Utensils in India 2019Products Material Number Of Bowls Weight Warranty Buy NowBorosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set Borosilicated Glass 3 2.3 Kg 2 Years Check the PriceFemora Borosilicate Round Glass Container Borosilicated Glass 3 NA 1 year Check the PriceHy-tec Stainless Steel Microwave Bowl Stainless Steel 3 900 gm NA Check the PricePrinceware Fresh Ven Bowl Package Container Set Food Grade Plastic 5 390 gm NA Check the PriceParasnath Stanless Steel Euro Lid Bowl Stainless Steel 3 948 gm Lifetime Check the PriceTop 5 Best Microwave Utensils in India1. Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl SetBorosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set
Borosil is an Indian glassware company that was established in the year 1962. This brand has grown to become a familiar name to many and rules the ‘microwave safe utensils’ market in India and has a strong presence globally.
The size, quality, durability, price point, and resilienceof these bowls makes it rank in the 1st position on this list of the best microwave utensils in India.

This product weighs 2.3 kgs and contains a set of three borosilicate glass bowls. These are transparent and would look great on your table. This set of microwave-safe bowls has a flat bottom so that they don’t topple inside the microwave.

All the bowls are of microwave-friendly sizes and will fit into most microwave ovens. These bowls have a non-porous surface, and so, these won’t stain. They would not influence the taste of the food or add an unnatural odor to it. With these bowls, you can be entirely sure that no harmful chemical will leach into your food.
The three bowls have different sizes to hold different quantities of food items. You can as well use these as mixing bowls to prepare batters for cakes, pancakes or cookies. As they are 100% borosilicated, they are way tougher than ordinary glass bowls. You can knead doughs and prepare salads in these vessels too.
Another major plus point of these bowls is, they can withstand extreme temperatures. Neither would they crack if you put them in the freezer, nor would they break if you place them inside a microwave.

Capacity of Borosil Bowls

Size of the Bowl CapacitySmall 500 mlMedium 900 mlLarge 1.3 LThese microwave-safe cookware set has a massive heat resilience and can stand temperature up to 300-degree Celsius. However, it does not come with leak-proof lids. If you want a cookware set with leak-proof covers, you can check out Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set with Lid, 3-Pieces.Notable Features

This product contains a pack of 3 bowls that are microwave safe, convection safe, freezer safe.These bowls are hard and are resistant to chipping and cracking.You can put these microwave bowls in the dishwasher.It has an easy to clean surface that will not hold food stains.These microwave wares can withstand a temperature up to 300-degree Celsius.With these bowls, you can be sure that no harmful chemicals are leaching into your food.This product comes with a warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defects.Verdict
This product contains a set of three bowls from Borosil. It has an aesthetic appeal. These bowls are not just good looking, but also have a high utility value. If you want an easy to clean, dishwasher safe, high-temperature resistant containers that do not leach chemicals into your food, you can most certainly go for this bowl.
Resistant to extreme temperaturesHas an aesthetic lookCan be used as a mixing or salad bowlDishwasher safenon-porous surface2-years warrantyCons

Does not have lidsRelatively Heavy Buy Now From Amazon
2. Femora Borosilicate Round Glass Container with Air Vent LidFemora Borosilicate Round Glass Container with Air Vent Lid

Femora is a relatively newer brand established in 2017 that sells good quality borosilicateglassware safe for use in the microwave. On the price scale, this set of 3 bowls will cost you a little lesser than Borosil Mixing Bowls, and additionally, it comes with leakage-proof lids. However, the size of the containers is a bit smaller as compared to the Borosil bowls, and so it stands at the 2nd position on our list.
These bowls are microwave and convection safe. If you have these bowls, you do not need to transfer the leftovers into another container, as it is refrigerator and freezer safe. Because of its lids and leakage proof feature, you can use these glass bowls as lunch boxes as well.
These round bowls with flat bottoms are transparent and safe to use as they are completely BPA and BPS free. If you heat, bake or freeze food in these bowls, you will not get any unusual odor or the taste of chemicals, which is an indicator of them being safe to use.
These borosilicate microwave wares are break and chip resistant. These are incredibly easy to clean because of the glass surface. You might as well put it into the dishwasher.
Capacity of Femora Bowls
Size of the Bowl CapacitySmall 380 mlMedium 580 mlLarge 940 mlThe lids of these bowls are made of pp plastic, that does not leach chemicals. Though these bowls are sturdy and are completely microwave and convection safe; the top covers are not fit for being put into microwaves.Notable Features
This product comes in a set of three different sized bowls with lidsThese bowls are microwave, convection, dishwasher, and freezer safe.They are made of borosilicate glass.This product is completely BPS and BPA free and is FDA approved.The plastic lids come with air vent and are leakage proof.The product comes with a doorstep warranty of 1 yearVerdict
This product is perhaps the best if you want a set of sturdy quality bowls that are microwave safe. You can use these as a makeshift lunch box because of the leakproof lids. However, you must note that the glass bowls are breakage resistant, not unbreakable. Hence you should handle these with care.
Made of transparent borosilicate glassleakage proof lidsmicrowave, convection, dishwasher and freezer safeLids made of PP grade plasticResistant to extreme temperatures1-year warrantyCons
Lids are not microwave safeBowls are slightly smaller as compared to the rest Buy Now From Amazon
3. Hy-tec Stainless Steel Microwave BowlHy-tec Stainless Steel Microwave Safe Euro Lid Bowl 
If you are particularly wary of handling glassware and constantly fret about breaking them, then we have got the perfect product that you will like. This stylish set of three bowls in royal green are made of stainless steel and are practically unbreakable.
These bowls are relatively lightweight and weigh only 900gm. However, they are not safe for exposure over 80 degrees, and hence we have given it the 3rd position on our list.
You can use these bowls for cooking, re-heating, and freezing. These multipurpose microwave utensils come with plastic lids on them that makes them leak proof and hence they can act as storage containers. These are easy to clean and dishwasher safe utensils! The three bowls are of varying sizes that can serve your different daily needs.
Capacity of Hy-tec Bowls
Size of the Bowl CapacitySmall 500 mlMedium 900 mlLarge 1.3 LiterThe outer layer of the bowls is made of plastic which can’t endure a temperature over 80 degrees Celsius. Many users have reviewed that food takes longer to get heated in these bowls. Another point to consider is, the lids are not microwave-safe.Notable FeaturesThis product contains a set of three bowls which is made of stainless steelThe plastic lids that are provided with these bowls make them leakage proof and airtight.These microwave wares are also safe for refrigerators.The stainless-steel surface of the bowls is pretty easy to cleanVerdict
This is the one to settle for if you do not want to handle glassware. It would make your life convenient as you can cook, pack and re-heat in the same bowl. If the maximum temperature resistance limit of 80o Celsius isn’t a problem for you, we totally recommend the hy-tec microwave bowls.
made of stainless steelUnbreakableLooks stylishHas lidsLightweightCons
Cannot endure temperature more than 80o CelsiusLids are not microwave-safeTakes longer to heat food
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